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Piala Malaysia 2011


Jadual Perlawanan Peringkat Kumpulan:

  • Pusingan Pertama: 6, 10 dan 13 September
  • Pusingan Kedua: 17, 24 dan 27 September


Jadual Suku Akhir :

Suku Akhir Pertama(10 Oktober 2011)

  • Selangor vs Perak  (Stadium Shah Alam, Selangor)
  • KL Felda United vs Negeri Sembilan  (Stadium MP Selayang)
  • Terengganu Vs Kelantan  (Stadium Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah, KT)
  • Sabah Vs Terengganu PBDKT/T-Team  ( Stadium  Likas, Kota Kinabalu)

Suku Akhir Kedua(14 Oktober 2011)

  • Perak Vs Selangor  (Stadium Perak, Ipoh)
  • Negeri Sembilan vs KL Felda United (Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Paroi))
  • Kelantan Vs Terengganu  (Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV, Kota Bharu)
  • Terengganu PBDKT/T-Team Vs Sabah  ( Stadium Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah, KT)


Jadual Separuh Akhir Pertama(18 Oktober 2011):

  • Selangor Vs Terengganu (Stadium Shah Alam, Selangor)
  • Terengganu PBDKT/T-Team Vs Negeri Sembilan ( Stadium Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah, KT)

Jadual Separuh Akhir Kedua(22 Oktober 2011):

  •  Terengganu Vs Selangor  (Stadium Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah, KT)
  • Negeri Sembilan vs Terengganu PBDKT/T-Team (Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Paroi)


Jadual Perlawanan Akhir: 29 Oktober 2011


Perlawanan Akhir TM Piala Malaysia 2010

30 Oktober 2010

Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil – 8:45pm

Harga Tiket

Terbuka  – RM30.00
Kanak-kanak – RM5.00
Pentas Utama – RM50.00

Tiket-tiket boleh didapati di kaunter-kaunter tiket stadium Sultan Mohamad Ke-IV, stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Paroi dan stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil

Malaysia Cup


The Malaysia Cup is a highly-prestigious annual soccer tournament in Malaysia. The competition is currently played at the end of each year’s football season, and is contested by the 16 most successful teams in Malaysia’s football league that year. The Cup is the oldest soccer competition in Malaysia. It began in 1921, when it was called the Malaya Cup. In 1933, its name was changed to the HMS Cup. Since 1967 it has
been known as the Malaysia Cup. A league competition was introduced in Malaysia in 1982. Since then, the Malaysia Cup has been held after the conclusion of the league each year, with only the best-performing teams in the league qualifying for the Malaysia Cup. When the league began, it was intended primarily as a qualifying tournament for the Malaysia Cup. However over the years, the league competition has gained important stature in its own right. In 2003, Selangor MPPJ became the first club team to win the cup. Prior to that year, the two teams which made the final had always been representative sides of the regional Football Associations, or military teams. Teams representing two of Malaysia’s neighboring countries have been involved in the competition. Brunei won the cup in 1999 and continue to be involved. Singapore has won the cup 24 times and are the second most successful side in the competition’s history after Selangor. However after their last win in 1994, Singapore withdrew from the competition following a dispute with the Football Association of Malaysia over gate receipts and have not been involved since. (Singapore subsequently launched its own S. League competition in 1996.)

FA Cup

Official vote to campaign TM Piala FA 2007/2008 were held with batch 30 team from the super league, Liga Premier and Liga FAM intend to deep competition who use format match reciprocal defeated dead.4 team from Liga FAM competition participate TM Piala FA 07/2008 this time is MP Muar FC’s team, Kor RAMD, KSK Tambun Tulang and PBD K Terengganu or better known with the name T-Team.First round match will be held by Tuesday 19 Febuari 2008 while second leg match by Tuesday 4th of March 2008


Premiere League

TM Premiere League 2009

The Premier League is the second-tier of football in Malaysia . Introduced in 2004, the Premier League is divided into two groups. It serves as the battle ground for teams before the deserving two – one from each group – make the move up to the Super League at the end of the season. The teams which finished bottom of each group will be relegated to the Premier Club Championship at the end of the year.

TM Premiere League 2009 teams line-up :

Sarawak – Pulau Pinang SDM Kepala Batas – Sabah – Johor PBT –  Kuala Lumpur Felda United FC – Selangor FC – Harimau Muda – Melaka – Pahang Kuantan Port Shazan Muda – Selangor PKNS – ATM – Terengganu PBDKT T-team – Johor MBJB.

Premiere League Standings
[leaguestandings league_id=2 mode=extend]

Super League


TM Super League 2009

The Malaysian Super League is the top flight of football in Malaysia. It replaced the M-League as the highest division a professional football team in Malaysia can participate in. Introduced in 2004, the Malaysian Super League catered only to the top eight football teams in the country. The bottom two teams at the end of the season are usually relegated to the Malaysian Premier League. The Football Association of Malaysia also decided to privatize the league and created MSL Sdn Bhd (or MSL Private Limited) to oversee the marketing aspects of the game.

TM Super League 2009 Teams line- up :

Kedah – Negeri Sembilan – Johor FC – Selangor – Perak – Terengganu – Perlis – Pahang – PDRM – Kelantan – perak UPB My Team – Pulau Pinang – Kedah Kuala Muda NAZA – Kuala Lumpur PLUS FC.

Super League 2009 Results

[leaguestandings league_id=1 mode=extend]

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